Brendon Darby Art

Brendon Darby Art

This collection of videos includes "2018", a groundbreaking evolving digital art work film

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Brendon Darby Art
  • Coastlines and Train Lines - Catalogue

    3.25 MB

    View information on each painting in the Coastlines and Train Lines gallery.

  • Coastlines and Train Lines Gallery

    Coastlines and Train Lines features paintings inspired by a trip along the Kimberley coast aboard the Reef Prince and a train journey from Darwin to Adelaide on The Ghan. This exhibition was on show in December 2018 at Linton and Kay Galleries, Perth, Western Australia. You can now view the enti...

  • Listening to Paintings - Australia - Gallery

    This presentation is best viewed after watching the video "Listening to Paintings - Australia". The aim of this project, was to describe the various landscapes with paint and music. In this presentation you can view and hear the results. You will be literally listening to paintings.

  • Everyday iPad Painting 2018

    Australian artist Brendon Darby painted everyday of 2018 on his iPad Pro. He painted whatever captured his attention on any given day. World events, very personal moments, anything that inspired him was captured and resulted in an evolving digital film. This groundbreaking artwork turns any scree...

  • Listening to Paintings - Australia

    Listening to Paintings - Australia is the culmination of a ten year project to present the beauty and diversity of the Australian landscape. From the snowfields to the desert, from Kakadu to Tasmania and from the majestic Kimberley to the tropical rainforests. Brendon created ten major paintings,...